The very first solution to address the problem of rising windshield maintenance costs.

Three steps for a real-time end-to-end notification process to help you remotely have a clear view on your windhields' state, optimize your fleet's uptime and TCO.

  • 1. Detection

    Jack windscreen-mounted device detects impacts.

  • 2. Analysis

    Jack cloud-based algorithms process the impact data and identify its severity and location.

  • 3. Notification

    Vehicule owner or insurer is notified and plans the repair maintenance pro-actively with the driver.

A state of the art solution patented and developed with the glass expertise of AGC Automotive

  • The Jack device

    Mounted in less than a minute, the self-powered device is equiped with solar cells and a backup battery allowing it to work at its optimum level at anytime. Once an impact is detected, cloud based machine learning algorithms filter and notify breaking impacts through BLE communication.


  • The Fleet Management Platform

    Our service includes the use of the Fleet Management Platform that is accessed from any type of devices. The interface helps you monitor in real-time the windshield condition of the equipped fleet and plan repairs proactively.


  • Open API & SDK

    We provide all the tools you need to benefit from Jack as from day one: a standard web platform and mobile applications. Our software suite also includes Open API and SDK allowing to integrate the Jack solution into your operational environments when needed.


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The Jack device is equipped with Bluetooth and can evolve from a smartphone-pairing solution to an integrated solution.

  • Mobile App

    The Jack mobile app (available on both Android and iOS) is easily installed by the drivers to transfer the impacts data of their vehicle. This solution is more suitable for a fleet of cars with an assigned driver.

  • Gateway

    The Jack device is communicating with a USB-plugged gateway connected to the mobile network allowing the information to be transferred directly to the cloud. This option is suitable for a vehicle with multiple drivers, for instance.

  • Station-Based Gateway

    For fleets of vehicles with multiple drivers that come back to a station, this option is frequently installed at the station key touch points. It collects the data from the vehicles equipped with Jack devices within a 80m reach and transmits it to our backend where it is analysed and translated.