We help you optimize your fleet’s uptime and TCO remotely and in real time

Jack detects, diagnoses and notifies in real time glass damages. It offers a very straightforward lever to reduce glass-related expenses and TCO.

  • 5%

    Windshield maintenance costs increase by 5% each year with penetration of ADAS.

  • 5x

    Windshield repair is 5 to 20 times cheaper and quicker than replacement, depending on your vehicle.


  • 60%

    60% of windshield replacements could be prevented by timely repair damaged glass.


Jack is the first digital monitoring solution to address the problem of rising windshields costs through preventive maintenance

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, windscreen replacement is often a source of hassle and avoidable expense. The flexibility of our solution allows it to seamlessly meet your needs and garantee you peace of mind. Check it out!


The Future of ADAS and Proper Vehicle Calibration

There are nearly 2,500 unique static calibration procedures, many are changing mid-model year and back sating to prior years

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