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Who or What is Jack?

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09.10.2020 | Aya Delporte

Get to know a little more about us !

Jack is a dynamic startup that has been developed within AGC Automotive, the world-renowned glass merchant. They are the very first group to bring this innovative solution to the market: solving the problem of the rising costs of windscreen maintenance.

By detecting, diagnosing and notifying you about damage to windows in real time, Jack ensures you don’t miss a single crack or break. You’ll be able to deal with each incident on time and reduce your maintenance costs. Jack also enhances the quality of the service you offer, improves staff productivity and driver safety, and reduces your carbon footprint. Jack is the next stage of your journey to reliable and profitable mobility.

The ADAS system, responsible for the rising cost of replacing your windscreen

The majority of new cars come with this system as standard, and the European regulations are even going to make some ADAS systems mandatory from June 2022 onwards.

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are electronic systems that help drivers perform the functions of driving and parking. They are located all around the vehicle. One of their essential components, the camera, is mounted behind the top of the windscreen.

Needless to say, the safety function that ADAS performs calls for more complex windscreens, with the sensor needing to be re-calibrated each time the windscreen is replaced.

By way of example, the emergency braking system relies mainly on forward-facing cameras, which are placed behind the vehicle’s windscreen. These cameras calculate, in real time, the distance between the car and other vehicles, objects and people. If the camera, or the bracket connecting it to the windscreen, were to get knocked out of position when the windscreen is replaced, the subsequent calculation of the vehicle’s position would cause the ADAS system to malfunction.

“You’ll be able to deal with each incident on time and reduce your maintenance costs”

The ADAS code of conduct stipulates that whenever a windscreen is replaced, the company that carries out the work must recalibrate the system. This is essential in order to ensure road safety. The system can only be recalibrated at specific repair centres, and the process requires the vehicle to be out of action for several hours.

The complexity of the windscreen, and of the recalibration process, are both leading to a rise in maintenance costs for fleet managers.

A quick look at the stats

  • An independent study by KTI, in Germany, which was conducted on several models of car and several different types of ADAS, shows that ADAS are leading to an increase in accident costs, in terms of windscreen replacement, of between 30% and 250%.
  • Thatcham Research estimates that “ the average bill for repairs has gone up by 32% over the last three years.” This figure is probably higher for most vehicle fleets.

The solution

Preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining your fleet of vehicles at the lowest possible cost!

Jack is the first solution designed to solve the problem of the rising costs of windscreen maintenance. It provides fleet managers with a very simple lever for reducing costs associated with glass repairs and TCO. By managing windscreen maintenance on time, you’ll cut costs by up to 50%.

Jack detects, diagnoses and notifies you about all damage in real time.

Are you interested in Jack? Tempted by the benefits and uniqueness of this solution? Do you think it’s the solution that will bring peace of mind at the wheel? Hit the road Jack!