Large vehicles

Our digital windshield monitoring solution helps commercial fleets who want to optimize their vehicles uptime and TCO by notifying remotely and in real time any windshield damage, allowing you to plan maintenance proactively, boost repairs and thus reduce costs

  • About

    Our unique tool enables you in a very concurrential market to

    • Offer best and most secure vehicles on the road
    • Reduce risk of unplanned maintenance
    • Reduce cost with less windshield replacements, TCO and downtime of the fleet
    • Have an up-to-date view on vehicle availability for operations management


  • One-size-fits-all solution

    One Jack for one windshield for both bus and trucks. Self-powered thanks to its photovoltaic cells and its back-up battery, it does not need any connection to the vehicle battery. Installed in less than 30 seconds, it can be removed easily and attached to a new vehicle if and when needed. Based on your vehicles need, different communication means are available.

  • Machine Learning, Open API & SDK

    Our algorithms will analyze the impacts to determine their severity (breaking, non-breaking) and location (driver or passenger side). Data will be secured on our Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform and we provide all the tools you need to benefit from Jack as from day 1: a standard web platform and mobile applications. Our software suite also includes Open API and SDK allowing to integrate the Jack solution into your operational environments.