According to your preference, you can receive breaking impact notification by email, app notification and/or sms.

Jack can be used anywhere.

Blinking lights indicate that the gateway is on. It requires to be plugged to a USB port and will start automatically when thecontact is on.

We do not track GPS location of where the impact occurred. We only use information related to time (when did we detect an impact on your car) and impact localization on your windshield.
When installing the Smart Jack application, you will be asked to grant access to your localization. As Jack uses bluetooth to send impacts via your smartphone to our server, this authorization is mandatory for Apple users and Android users until version 11. We know it is confusing and apologize for it

The Gateway can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, its range will cover any length of vehicle (buses, cars,…).

Impact data is transmitted when the vehicle is moving. It can take from a few seconds (transmission time) up to a few minutes to send the data from the Jack device to the gateway through BLE.

We use bluetooth low energy therefore the BLE bitrate is 1Mbit/second.