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Save up to 50% of your glass breakage costs

Jack is the first aftermarket telematics solution for glass breakage detection combined with a unique service of preventive maintenance for your fleet of vehicles. Jack will improve your TCO by increasing windshield repair to replacement ratio.


Windshield maintenance costs are increasing by 5% each year with penetration of ADAS systems.


Windshield repair is 5 times cheaper and shorter than replacement.


More than 60% of windshield replacements could be prevented by timely repair of damaged glass.

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Glass breakage detector

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Easy installation

One small and smart device to install on the windshield. Self powered thanks to its photovoltaic cells, it doesn’t need any connection to the vehicle. You can install it in less than two minutes.

One size fits all

Jack is universal, regardless of vehicle type (car, bus, truck) or windshield size, it is compatible and will fit on any existing or new vehicle.


Impact analysis

Our machine learning algorithms will analyze the impacts to determine their severity (breaking, non-breaking) and location (driver or passenger side). A good information for a good decision.

Open API

Connect to the API provided by Jack to easily integrate key information into your own systems for an optimized follow-up. And soon, you will have access to our SDK’s.


All the tools you need to benefit from Jack as from day one: the web application and its dashboard to identify the needs for maintenance ; the mobile application to install your Jack devices in a few seconds.


A quality

Expertise of AGC Automotive

Jack is a solution of AGC Automotive, a worldwide leader in automotive glazing for new vehicles and replacement market. Last but not least, the innovative technology of Jack is patented.

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