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Jack Releases Its Next Generation Breakage Detection Sensor

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14.02.2022 | Aya Delporte

Jack is designed to constantly evolve and offer new technical functionalities to meet your needs!

Jack detects, diagnoses and notifies in real time all damages to the windshields of your fleet, and enables you to cut your windshield maintenance costs by 50%. Jack is unveiling today its “next generation” smart sensor in an ongoing effort to better meet the demands of its clients and of the market. This product, designed to constantly evolve, offers new technical functionalities and certifications.

From solar energy to hybrid-powered

Whether your vehicle is parked outside or in a covered car park, the sensor will always work at its optimum level. When no solar energy is available, the device defaults on battery mode. This ensures you can rely on Jack in all conditions.

Remote updates

Thanks to Jack’s new technology, the sensors’ firmware can now be updated remotely, ensuring that the device is always operating at its optimal capacity thereby enhancing safety. Through vigorous tests conducted on the device, Jack is able to provide an even more powerful hardware and a smarter filter resulting in better qualifications of the impacts on the windshield.

A recognised, certified product

Jack is certified throughout Europe and the United States, and the teams’ desire and vision is to achieve certifications on a global scale. Jack is fully automotive compliant and effective at temperatures between -40°C and 85°C.

“With these evolutions, Jack has entered a new phase allowing to produce its devices industrially on a sizeable scale. This new step enables the scale-up to meet the needs of large vehicle fleets”

Jack, an innovative and unique solution in the automotive market, continues to evolve and adapt, with the objective to be the preferred partner of the vehicle fleet market. Jack detects, diagnoses and notifies all damage to windshields in real time, and wishes to become your go-to solution for safe and profitable mobility.

If you’re convinced that the technology can improve both safety and fleet maintenance costs, contact us !