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How to Cut the Costs of Your Fleet

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25.08.2022 | Jack

In 2022, managing a fleet of cars can generate significant costs for a business. Between the cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel, repairs, parking…it all adds up. How, then, can we cut the cost of our vehicle fleet?

Managing a fleet of cars can be quite an onerous task. While Jack by AGC has done its bit for businesses, rest assured that there is a whole load of handy tips that can reduce the costs associated with your fleet of cars.

Raise the awareness of your staff

Good communication with your teams is absolutely vital. Raising your staff’s awareness effectively, and regularly, about how to behave in a more responsible and environmentally friendly way is a sure-fire way to reduce your costs: whether it’s behaviour behind the wheel, the price of fuel or indeed car-sharing, get your teams involved in the management of your fleet.

Compare and optimise

Keep a close eye on your contracts and optimise them if need be. Whether that’s rental contracts, insurance contracts, maintenance contracts… It’s always possible to make savings at this level, by frequently analysing and comparing the competition.

This is the guy!

Jack, an innovative and unique solution in the automotive market, continues to evolve and adapt, with the objective to be the preferred partner of the vehicle fleet market. Jack detects, diagnoses and notifies all damage to windshields in real time, and wishes to become your go-to solution for safe and profitable mobility.

“With these evolutions, Jack has entered a new phase allowing to produce its devices industrially on a sizeable scale. This new step enables the scale-up to meet the needs of large vehicle fleets”.

Nicolas Chorine
CEO of Jack